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About us

Planet Saver is not just a fashion brand. It is a mission. The mission to relieve our planet and to draw attention to environmental and animal rights violations. Although it seems that the steps are only very small. But even with small steps you will reach the destination. We want to be a part of the help and donate 10% of our net profit to charitable organizations. Every organization goes through our own developed screening and only if it truly helps to protect the planet (and is not just interested in profits) it will we be supported. We would also like to have your part in it and so you can soon choose a certified organization for each purchase and support them directly.

When choosing our textiles, we make sure that all used materials are vegan. We do not process leather or fur. Our leather is 100% vegan leather. Our textiles are always made of cotton or cotton with polyester content. Our textiles are mostly certified, such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX, FAIR WEAR and a few more. We want to improve the fashion world by listening to the terms “sustainability”, “fair trade” and “environmental and animal welfare”. Quality does not always have to cost a lot. The profits only have to be distributed more fairly.

We have made it our mission not only to take but also to give and that is why Planet Saver is not only a fashion brand, but also a supporter of the environment and the animals.